Prefabricated construction

Specialist services and product solutions towards the future of product-based and modular construction

with advanced IBS technology including precast concrete methodology

Bridging the technological gap for modern construction

PC Forging Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. is a subsidiary of PLYTEC Group which provides specialist engineered solutions for prefabrication and modular building construction. PC Forging developed extensive working experience in Prefabricated Pre-finished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) concrete building projects with the adoption of digitalisation and BIM technology. First established in Singapore year 2018, PC Forging provides full scope of services and products as Project Delivery Partner (PDP) to facilitate the implementation of advanced IBS construction based on the concept of modularisation delivery system and DfMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly).

Value adding construction with technological transformation

The core business competency of PLYTEC Group is the specialisation of Construction Method Engineering (CME) in the field of advanced concrete construction with the adoption of technology that harmonises both safety and productivity. PC Forging strives on the mission to deliver innovation for the precast and prefabrication concrete industry; while another group member PLYTEC Formwork provides full range of cast-on-site concrete construction temporary falsework and formwork solutions.

Scope of PC Forging Services & Products

Design and Engineering

Specialist value engineering services including modularisation and production optimisation design

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

Real-time BIM collaboration and design coordination based on integrated process and single-source digital twin workflow in project life cycle

(Empowered by BIM)

Support digital procurement with accurate quantity take-off based on constructible BIM

Prefabrication Detailing

Specialised prefabrication design and detailing generated from a constructible BIM model to achieve accurate, efficient production.

Industrial Equipment

Design and manufacturing of customised equipment for prefabrication production including formwork, turntable, lifting frame & etc.

Lifting Solution

Supply of lifting accessories and engineering design in compliance to Code of Practice for prefabricated components

Production Planning

Project production process design with productivity planning to achieve safety and quality requirements.

Project Delivery

Pre-delivery inspection and lean management coordination service to optimize and harmonise the flow of production, storage, transportation and installation